Wing Dam At Power Plant Washed Away

Volunteers Give Aid

Coffer Dam is Started and Concrete Wall Will Be Extended to Prevent Recurrence of Trouble.

Hole bored by crawfish Just above water level. In the earthen wing dam diverting the water or the Deschutes river through the plant of the Bend Water, Light & Power Co., are considered responsible for a washout which occurred shortly before noon Sunday which will cost the company several thousand dollar. Water impounded In the joint log pond or the Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Co. and The Shevlln-Hlxon Company, a mile above, was suddenly released Sunday morning while the pond was being cleaned out, with the result that the portion of the wing dam weakened by boring of the crustaceans was quickly swept away.

When first discovered, the flood menaced tho Ice plant and creamery, but an alarm brought the members or the Bend Fire Department, and volunteer workers joined them, filling sand hags, and carrying many tons of hay to be placed in front of a temporary dam of timbers which was hastily erected. At one time or another, fully 200 men and boys were at work in checking the widening of the breach, and largely because of the aid given by volunteer workers, it was not found necessary to suspend power service. By 5 o’clock in the afternoon, it was considered that the dam was no longer in immediate danger.

Source: The Bend Bulletin

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