Citizens Committee Meeting 4-15-1981


April 15, 1981

In Attendance:
Bob Bristol – Dentist
Harold Baughman – PP & L
Reed Nelson – Nelson, Trimble et al C.P.A
Art Johnson – City Manager
Torn Gellner – City Engineer
John Hossick – City Planner
Rich Dornhelm – Winzler & Kelly
Maurice Clark – Clark & Joyce, Inc.
John Joyce – Clark & Joyce, Inc.

A meeting of the Mirror Pond Citizen’s Committee was held at the Trail Restaurant, Bend, to review and comment on the preliminary findings of the Mirror Pond Rehabilitation Study presented by Winzler & Kelly/Clark & Joyce, Inc. consulting team.

The Committee was advised of the quantity of material in the pond, the sources of sedimentation, water quality, types of plants and algae growth by Rich Dornhelm and John Joyce.

Rich Dornhelm presented various options for a scope each of which would remove a certain amount of within the two defined work areas. A cost for removal was presented for each option, (See attached report)

The most feasible method of removing the material is by hydraulically dredging it to one of two disposal sites. One site is located down river from the pond, on Clyde Purcell’s property. The second site is located upriver on Brooks Resources property. A decision has not been made at this time on the most desirable site, but it appears there won’t be much difference in disposal cost on the two sites.

After discussing the merits of the scope of work options and relative costs, Mr, Nelson suggested the City go for as large a project as possible, and then cut back if necessary. There was general agreement from those present that this should be the direction of the work scope.

Various slides were shown depicting areas of greatest sediment deposits in the pond.

The meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM

Respectfully submitted,

John Joyce

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