Citizens Committee Meeting 6-5-1981


June 5, 1981

In Attendance:

Bob Main – Watermaster
Tom Gellner – City Engineer
John Bossick – City Planner
Maury Clark – Clark & Joyce, Inc.
Harold Baughman – Pacific Power & Light Co.
Reed H. Nelson – Nelson, Trimble et al. C.P.A.
Gail Kinsey Hill – The Bulletin
Mark Whitson – DEQ – Bend
Neil Mullane – DEQ – Portland
Bob Bristol – Dentist
Rich Dornhelm – Winzler & Kelly
John Joyce -Clark & Joyce, Inc.

The meeting was opened by John Joyce, who stated the purpose of the meeting is to review the executive summary of the Mirror Pond Rehabilitation Study, and to afford another opportunity for input to the study before finalizing it.

Richard Dornhelm reviewed the Diagnostic Study phase of the report. The rate of sedimentation has not been determined because monitoring has not. been performed over the years. Removal of approximately five feet of sediment will ·make the pond more acceptable for recreational boating activities. This amount of deepening will reduce plant growth, but algae and free-floating plants will not be significantly affected.

There was· discussion on the merits of removing and/or constructing islands in the pond. Dornhelm pointed out .problems in controlling turbidity and satisfying DEQ requirements for tailwater return to the river. The scope of Phase II work is primarily dictated by the budget.

Tailwater discharge will be monitored and will have to comply with DEQ requirements before re-entering the river. Reed Nelson expressed concern about turbidity created by the dredge. Dornhelm st~ted the dredge acts similar to a vacuum cleaner in that all surrounding water is sucked into it. Bob Bristol pointed out that during the three month of dredging, the water flowing over the North Unit dam is at a minimum and any tailwater entering the river downstream from the dam will have the least dilution.

Bob Main stated there are stream flow gauges on some of the irrigation canals. Sedimentation in these canals is a problem, and it may be possible to determine the amount of sediment carried in the river by studying the sedimentation rate in the canal.

Federal funding for the project is no longer available, according to Neil Mullane. The Clean Lake program is not funded in this administrations budget. Funds from other projects are not available either, because any unused funds revert back to the federal coffers. Mr. Mullane stated he is unaware of any federal or state funds at this time that would be available for this type project.

Tom Gellner reviewed the status of local funds for the Phase II project. The original funds earmarked for this project have been transferred to other budget items. These funds may be re-budgeted in the 82-83 budget. Further discussion on funding included comments on a bond issue and Park & Recreation District tax rate increase to fund the project. Vince Genna suggested a presentation be made to the Park and Recreation Board on the study.

John Hassick stated that there may be an issue over ownership of the river bottom and the material deposited on it. The Bend Company heirs may still be the legal owners of the river banks. Mr. Hassick also stated there are budget election restraints that have to be considered when seeking local approval of funding for a Phase II project.

Rich Dornhelm stated that preliminary copies of the report will·be made for those wishing a copy. Comments should be returned within two weeks. The final report is scheduled to be printed at the end of the month.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30PM

Respectfully submitted

John Joyce

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