Mirror Pond document released

On Wednesday night, the city of Bend released a document on the growing sedimentation problems at Mirror Pond.

Last week, the city of Bend refused to give the document to The Bulletin. The document, dated April 17, stated that a technical committee of city staff and water experts could determine or recommend studies to determine if a short-term fix is needed to control the growing wetlands and weeds in the pond. The short-term fix could occur before the entire public process is completed to ensure that potential long-term solutions are not precluded, the document reads.

The document states that if wetlands emerge in Mirror Pond, the city could have to pay for wetlands elsewhere if it wanted to dredge the pond. The document continues that the growth of aquatic plants could also be a potential eyesore at Mirror Pond.

The technical committee is expected to meet for the first time in May.

The document released to the media on Wednesday differed somewhat from an early version drafted in December. That version stated that some dredging in Mirror Pond could occur as early as this summer and without any public input.

In the April 17 document, the city states that additional information is needed to determine if wetlands will emerge before the public process is completed.

City Manager Andy Anderson said Wednesday night that he was not sure why the city refused to give the document to the media.

Source: The Bulletin ©2006

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