More Power For Bend Is Planned

Expenslve improvements, Including the construction of a new power unit, and large additions to water and Electrical distribution systems, are to be commenced in the near future the work on the new unit to be begun by summer, are definitely planned by the Bend Water, Light & Power Co., according to the statement of Kempster B. Miller, chief engineer for the company, who spoke this noon at the weekly Commercial Club luncheon.

Relations Pleasant.

“We are pleased with the steady growth of Bend, which has actually taxed the resources of the company,” he declared. “We are in the game to stay, and the improvements to be made are to keep up with the future development of the city. We are prepared to spend a great deal of money here.”

Mr. Miller stated after the luncheon that he could not definitely announce at the present time the exact amount of this expenditure.

In answer to Mr. Miller’s expressed wish for a continuation of friendly relations between the company and the people of Bend, President Floyd Dement, of the club, assured him that no other results could follow from a continuation of the company’s present policy. Hugh O’Kane also spoke, praising the class of service given by the company.

Source: The Bend Bulletin

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