FERC to OWRD: “FERC no longer has jurisdiction”

Mr. Barry F. Norris
Dam Safety Section
Oregon Water Resources Department
158 12th Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97310-0210

Dear Mr. Norris:

By a March 4, 1996 Order (copy enclosed), the Federal Energy Regulatory commission approved the withdrawal of license application for the Bend Hydroelectric Project No. 2643, filed by PacifiCorp Electric Operations on January 16, 1996. Upon withdrawal of this license application, the FERC no longer has jurisdiction for this project. Jurisdiction is now under the State or Oregon.

The project is located on the Deschutes River in the city of Bend, Oregon. It is classified as a “Low” hazard potential structure based on criteria established in the FERC Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower Projects. Our last operational report dated August 26, 1994, identified some broken wooden planks on the downstream face of the 14-foot-high rockfill timber crib dam. It is our understanding that the required repairs have been made, and the vertical timber planks controlling the low level slots or sluices were replaced when needed. We are not aware of any conditions that indicate immediate hazard to the project. PacifiCorp continues to operate this project.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact me or Mr. Chin Lee of this office at (503) 326-5858, ext. 228.

Walter S. Boyle
Acting Regional Director

Document: ferc-to-owrd (PDF)

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