Storage Rights On River Sought

swalley-seeks-storageSwalley district representatives yesterday sought the opportunity to participate in Deschutes winter flow storage at Crane prairie, but was told by Central Oregon Irrigation district directors that there is no opportunity. The conversation took place at the monthly meeting of the C.O.I. directors at Redmond. James Jewell, Delbert Rutherford, Nels Anderson and William Lawson represented the Swalley water users.

Although the Swalley has an earlier direct flow right than even the C.O.I., it is now recognized that late storage in the Wikiup reservoir may lessen dangerously the flow now used in early season irrigation. It was the situation which Swalley representatives sought to cure.

Learning that there would be no opportunity for their district to join in Crane prairie storage, by which the C.O.I., Arnold and Lone Pine districts expect to solve the same problem, the Swalley spokesman asked advice. It was suggested to them by the C.O.I. board that they develop what rights might still be existent, at Benham falls and on small streams tributary to the Deschutes.

The directors had the 1939 budget virtually completed. It was assured that the levy would be $108,063.32, requiring $2.50 per acre from 43,225.33 acres.

The per acre levy is the same as the current year and is made up of a $1.65 operation and maintenance charge, which will be collected at the district office in Redmond, and of $.85 for bond and warrant debt service, to be collected by the sheriff.

A program of construction of telephone lines, roads and bridges, involving some equipment purchase, will be made possible without increasing the per acre cost, due to the fact that the district has now no further payments to make on its Cline Falls venture.

Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1938

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