Crane Prairie Dam Completed, Crew is Moved to Camp on Tumalo Canal; Forms Removed From Concrete Dam


With the Crane Prairie dam for the North Canal Co. completed, a new camp is being set by the United Contracting Co. on the old Tumalo canal, where repair work is being done. The men employed at Crane Prairie are being sent to this camp, of which Leonard T. Fairey is superintendent.

Favored by fair weather while Bend has experienced snow and a cold snap, the crews at Crescent lake is on the home stretch of the task of building the storage dam there. Three weeks more without a heavy snow will see this work finished.

Forms have been removed from the completed half of the concrete diversion dam in the Deschutes at Bend, and steel gates and hoisting machinery are now being installed. When this is done, in about a week, work of tearing away the coffer dams and building new ones on the opposite side of the river, diverting the water through the gates of the present half of the dam, allowing construction of the remainder, will be started.

Source The Bend Bulletin

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