‘Postcard’ property for sale along river

Deschutes County Historical Society
Deschutes County Historical Society

A Bend real estate firm is trying to sell the riverfront property once known as Hosch Point — considered to be the most-photographed property in Bend– a salesperson said today.

Julie Fenton Young, a broker with Steve Scott and Co. Realtors, said the property, the estate of the late W.C. Coyner, who died last March, has been for sale for 3½ months.

Located on the west side of Mirror Pond on a protruding piece of land across from Drake Drake, it measures roughly 1.3 acres and is broken into 6½ lots. It is being sold because Coyner’s heirs cannot afford to pay the inheritance tax on it, which Young said was well over $100,000.

The asking price is $750,000. Young said she is trying to sell it as one parcel.

The property, on which stands a cottage style house built in 1918, has been pictured on at least one history book on Central Oregon, a couple of tourist brochures and several postcards over the years.

It was the site for many garden shows held by Coyner, who was nicknamed the “Chrysanthemum King.” Trees that still are unidentified were imported and planted on the property, as were other exotic plants.

Young said Walt Disney Studios has shown some interest in possibly filming part of a movie on the acreage.


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