Steering Committee Minutes 4-1-2013

Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Price, Don Horton, Michelle Healy, Jim Figurski, Mel Oberst, (Matt Shinderman – absent)

  • Introductions
  • Update on project management:
    • Jim shared preliminary drafts of:
      • a Site Context Map illustrating the river corridor from below the Pacific Power Dam to the Colorado Dam
      • an Opportunities & Constraints Diagram
      • site photos, and
      • preliminary contour information for the Mirror Pond reach
    • The committee provided comments and suggestions for edits and inclusions on each map
  • There was a general discussion of the role of the Steering Committee vs. the role of the Management Board
    • It was pointed out that David Rosell had previously been elected the chair of the Management Board
    • It was suggested that Jim Figurski contacted Mr. Rosell to discuss his willingness to continue in that role and manage the Management Board meetings
  • Jim provided a general outline for the Visioning process to come
  • Don expressed concern that if the dam was removed the change in water levels in Mirror Pond could detract from the proposed work on the Colorado Safe Passage project
    • Don indicated there were 800 floaters/hour coming from McKay Park to Mirror Pond in the peak season and he did not want to see that use disrupted
    • Jim indicated that the engineers on the Mirror Pond project were the same as the Colorado Safe Passage project and that the consultants had been made aware that this was an issue
  • The issue of the Historic designation for the Pacific Power Dam and Powerhouse was discussed and it was suggested that the Steering Committee invite Heidi Kennedy to the next Steering Committee Meeting.
  • Jim indicated that he was in the process of forming a Technical Advisory Committee to assist in the review of work products from the consultant team and to assist as project experts in future public outreach efforts

Adjourned @ 12:15PM

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