Steering Committee Minutes 5-6-2013

Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Don Horton, Michelle Healy, Jim Figurski, Mel Oberst, Matt Shinderman

  • Update on project management:
    • Jim shared information regarding the next steps in the Visioning Process:
      • June 7th is the first public event
      • June 11/12 Website launch (possible) for Alternatives and Phase 2 Questionnaire
      • Public Outreach through month of June to early July
      • Preferred Alternative development July
      • Public Outreach for Preferred Alternative; late July – early August
    • The committee discussed the four Alternatives selected by the Management Board including the perspective views associated with each
      • It was agreed that for consistency at least one of the two required perspectives should be from a common point – the iconic view across Mirror Pond with the North Sister in the distance. The second perspective should be chosen to best illustrate the intent of that Alternative
  • The committee went into Executive Session to discuss real property issues
  • The direction (motion) from the executive session was to pursue a resolution to the real property issues.

Adjourned @ 12:15PM

Document : MIRROR POND SC notes 05-06-13


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