Option A1: Do Nothing Scenario

Option A1: a “Do Nothing’ scenario where no work is proposed for Mirror Pond. This plan illustrates conditions 30 years from now. Invasive plants (cattails and reeds) have begun to fill in the mud flats. Most sediment passes through the river channel.


General Description: In this option Mirror Pond has been left alone for roughly 30 years and no work has been done. New invasive vegetation has populated the areas that are currently mud flats. The channel location typically follows it current alignment. The system is at full capacity for sediment and sediment continues to move downstream through the system.

  • Cost: No cost
  • Permitting: No permits required
  • Habitat: Evolving emergent plants at water’s edge –shrub/scrub plants higher up
  • Maintenence: No new maintenance activities
  • Recreaction: Fishing, floating, boating, swimming, bird and animal watching.

Option A1 - Views

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