Save Mirror Pond

We have lived in Bend for 46 years, and before that, as children, we visited Bend during the summer months to camp and fish. It was always a special treat to attend the river pageant, which was held on Mirror Pond each year.

Mirror Pond is what makes Bend a place like no other. Mirror Pond and Drake Park are in the very heart of the city and reflect its beauty. Many new- and old-timers have made wonderful memories over the years celebrating special occasions, such as 4th of July, concerts, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other special events; not to mention just walking in the park with your youngsters, and even pushing babies in strollers or carrying them on your back while watching children playing on the lawn laughing. And having fun while we enjoy their laughter and the beauty of the green grass, etc., in the park with Mirror Pond flowing so gently along. Kids love to fish in the river also.

Without Mirror Pond, we would be just another city with a river running through it. We have something very unique, and to let it disappear, of our own doing, would truly be a shame. Anyone you know who has ever visited Bend will always have a comment about Drake Park and Mirror Pond. Don’t let it dry up and be just a river with marshland, weeds and mosquitoes. This would be a real disaster and would truly ruin our city and the unique beauty that it is known for.

Joyce Scott

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