Call for a vote on Mirror Pond

I’m sick of hearing about Mirror Pond and all the hand-wringing. What to do? What to do? Dredge or restore, restore or dredge, or leave it alone?

Let’s settle it once and for all time. Since ownership of the bottom of the river is not at issue, let’s quit wringing our hands and get on with it.

I believe it’s up to the people and not the Bend City Council to make the decision as to what to do, since it’s the people who are going to be paying for whatever is done.

Again, since ownership isn’t an issue, the city needs to put it on the ballot with three ways to vote. Restore, dredge, or leave it alone. Attach a levy for doing the work (dredging as opposed to restoring the river) to the ballot so everyone is aware of what it is going to cost either way. The vote will be the deciding factor.

Once a vote is taken and the levy is in place, go for it. But, for God’s sake, quit wringing your hands and spending endless time and money on countless studies and indecision.

Diana Hopson

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