Mirror Pond Arch Nearing Completion

Bend’s massive Mirror pond arch, partly spanning the Deschutes river just below Drake park footbridge, was taking final shape today as busy crews prepared for the presentation of this city’s first post-war water fete one week from tonight. Most of the framework of the huge arch was completed yesterday, and the task of covering the structure was in progress today.

Through the river arch next Saturday night, July 5, with move a fleet of brilliantly illuminated floats, each lighted by a trolley contact being installed in a 1300 foot long boom that reaches from the arch to the Craig Coyner property, on the bend of the Deschutes. Heading the floats will be a huge make-believe swan, carrying the pageant queen, with princesses following on cygnets.

Rose Royalty Coming
It was announced today by Wilfred Jossy, in charge of special events, that Portland’s rose festival royalty will join in the Fourth of July celebration and will have a spot in the river fete. According to present plans, Portland’s entire court will arrive here early Saturday, to be quests of the Bend Stampede and Water Pageant association. A dinner for the Bend and Portland queens and princesses is planned.

A further reminder that the all-northwest celebration is just around the corner was provided local residents and visitors this morning when flags fluttered over the local streets. Some of these call attention to the water pageant. The streamers and flags were erected on Wall and Bond and on intersecting streets by the Wickland Sign Co of Portland.

Rodeo Advertised
Rodeo flags were erected over Redmond streets, calling attention to the junior rodeo to be held there on the afternoon of July 4 and 5, under auspices of the Bend Rim Rock Riders, with Rodney Rosenbrook as general chairman.

The celebration program has expanded so rapidly in recent weeks that three days packed with activity are now assured, Joseph G. Mack, president of the Bend Stampede and Water Pageant association, points out. These activities will start with the coronations of the pageant queen in the Elks hall on Thursday night at a celebration dance, and end with the air show at the Bend municipal airport Sunday at 1 p.m. A civic parade this year will be on Saturday, at 9:30 a.m., with the Jaycees in charge.

Several ball games have also been added to the three-day program. As an additional feature, the Eagles will present Portland Pal club boxers and wrestlers in a special event here Thursday night, at 7:30 in the high school gymnasium.

Source: Bend Bulletin ©1947

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