Memory Short On Duck Dates

Some of tho ranchers on Crooked river have apparently forgotten that there Is any end to the open season on ducks, is the Impression which Federal Game Warden George Tonkin has gained following Investigations of game law violations In Central Oregon. At any rate there Is going to be at least one federal case from that section, Tonkin says. One rancher admitted to Tonkin that he had failed to keep any track of closing dates, and that the ducks had suffered in consequence. There have been other violations of a like nature, Tonkin believes.

That the Hungarian partridge would bo the best game bird to use in stocking Central Oregon to relieve the sage hen from threatened extermination was Tonkin’s advice when asked on this point. Lack of water in tho winter and the attacks of hawks make it difficult for the Chinese pheasant to survive In this country, he said. The Hungarian partridge Is one of the most hardy game birds known, with tho exception of the sage hen. Tonkin’s observations have taught him.

Another movement started by local sportsmen–for the creation of sage hen preserves–Tonkin considered might be of uncertain merit. The government has had but little success with its game bird preserves, he said.

Baby swan are to be brought to Bend this spring on authorization of State Game Commissioner M. A. Lynch, and will learn to regard the quiet stretch of the Deschutes above tho Bend Water, Light & Power Co. dam as their home, the federal game warden predicts. They will be taken at Summer lake.

Tonkin met Tuesday with a number of Bend sportsmen for a discussion of game conservation questions.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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