Young Honkers on Mirror Pond

first-honkers[1]Six young “honkers,” believed to be the first geese ever hatched on the mirror pond, were cruising slowly along the upper river, near the Tumalo avenue bridge, today in convoy formation, with a mother “honker” and a father “honker” on scout duty nearby. One of the first voyages made by the fluffy little geese was to the backyard waterfront of W.O. Wright, 311 Riverfront, where they were convoyed by their parents.

The trip of the tiny, fluffy geese to the Wright home was not by chance. For several years, Mr. and Mrs. Wright were owners of the parent geese, at the old Tumalo trout hatchery. When the Wrights moved into town last spring, they released the “honkers” in the mirror pond and since then have been feeding the old geese frequently. Consequently, the parents proudly brought their goslings to the Wrights for inspection and approval.

For several weeks, the mother goose set on her eggs in a tule nest, and father goose always remained nearby. Paul Hosmer is authority for the statement that the gander is a real fighter. On several occasions, Hosmer rowed near the tules, and always was met by a fighting “honker.”

The little goslings were the center of much attraction early today and came near enough shore at several points to accept offerings. Among the first to offer the little creatures crumbs of bread this morning were Dr. and Mrs. E.E. Gray.

Several broods of ducks are also abroad on the mirror pond, but the big event of the mirror pond season, the hatching of the first brood of cygnets, has not yet occurred. Just below the Newport avenue bridge, two very watchful swans are taking turns about on a big nest of grass, built in the marginal water.

In the lower river, two other swans are reported to be watching over a newly built nest.

Source: Bend Bulletin