Moving Forward on Mirror Pond:

The full report: Moving_Forward_on_Mirror_Pond_3_12_09 report to council 3-30-09

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The City of Bend secured the assistance of the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council and a network of consultants to identify next steps for addressing the sedimentation problem in Mirror Pond. This group reviewed existing documents, evaluated similar projects in other communities and engaged the advice of other local, state and regional partners, resulting in the following key findings:

1) Any short or long term actions in Mirror Pond, including dredging, will likely require $2 to $5 million in funding for design, permitting, construction and other costs. Local funding is not available so funding must be sought from outside sources. The most likely sources of funding are state and federal grants.

2) State and/or federal grants will require the completion of what is called a “Feasibility Study” or “Alternatives Analysis” (hereafter referred to as ‘Alternatives Analysis’). This Alternatives Analysis will need to clearly document a) the purpose and need of the proposed activity, b) the positive and negative impacts of the proposed activity on issues of social, economic and environmental importance, and c) that alternative activities have been thoroughly developed and evaluated against specific criteria, leading to the selection of the proposed activity.

3) State and federal permits required for any significant management activity in Mirror Pond will also require an Alternatives Analysis.

4) The Alternatives Analysis will be successful only if it is managed by an independent team that integrates the many different community interests and perspectives that need to be considered in the management of Mirror Pond and the Deschutes River.

5) The Alternatives Analysis is a critical next step because it is necessary to secure the funding and regulatory approvals required for any type of management activity in Mirror Pond.

Based on these five findings, the community should move forward with the following steps:

1) Establish a seven member Independent Management Board made up of one representative from each of the following entities:

a. Bend City Council

b. Bend Metro Park and Recreation District

c. Deschutes Basin Board of Control or other irrigation management organization

d. Bend Chamber of Commerce or other local business organization

e. Pacific Power

f. Adjacent neighborhood association or property owner

g. Local river or watershed management organization

Once the Independent Management Board has been created it should:

2) Oversee the development and completion of the Alternatives Analysis by:

a. Reviewing, revising (if necessary) and approving the proposed Scope of Work for the
Alternatives Analysis that is attached to this document;

b. Securing funding for the completion of the Alternatives Analysis by working with local, state and federal partners;

c. Engaging the community in a dialogue about the Alternatives Analysis and the future of Mirror Pond; and

d. Managing the completion of the Alternatives Analysis, including selection of the consultant to conduct the Alternatives Analysis.

3) Oversee the development of the proposed final project design that results from the Alternatives Analysis;

4) Secure funding for and oversee the construction of the proposed final project.

Document: Moving_Forward_on_Mirror_Pond_3_12_09 report to council 3-30-09