Power Plant To Increase Size

Bend Water, Light & Power Co. Will Complete City Plant by Putting in Final Unit–
Cost Will Be About $30,000.

Where Power Plant Will Make Addition.

Present plant of Bend Water, Light & Power Co., containing two generating units, to be added to by construction of a third unit on north (left) end.

power-plant-increase-1917Construction of the third and probably final unit of the city plant of the Bend Water, Light & Power Co. will begin at once, according to an announcement made by manager T. H. Foley this morning. Mr. Foley’s statement followed the receipt of a telegram from K. B. Miller of Chicago, stockholder in the company, and its expert electrical engineer, to effect that necessary machinery had been contracted and directing that concrete work for the the addition be begun at once.

The new unit will connect with the present building, occupying space left for growth when the present plant was built in 1912 and will mark the building’s completion. It will be about 35×40 feet in size, making the whole building about 100×40.

The machinery ordered for the new unit includes a 600 horse power water wheel and a 600 kilowatt generator, adding over 50 per cent to the capacity of the plant, which now operates two 500 kilowatt generators.

$30,000 to Be Cost.

Building and machinery will cost around $30,000. Concrete work is to be begun at once and it is expected that the building will be ready for occupancy and the machinery installed in about five months.

Other work in which the company is engaged at present includes the laying of a 1400 line of eight inch pipe to connect the west side reservoir with the pipe line in Boulevard addition for the purpose of preventing the water shortage on the west side, which has occurred in past seasons.

Source: Bend Bulletin






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