The Celebration 1935

Bend goes about its usual business today with the pleasant feeling that once more it has put on a Fourth of July celebration complete and satisfying in almost every respect. Two days of entertainment and competitive sport came to a climax last night with a river pageant that will be remembered for many weeks to come.

Bend has this feeling, we say but it is to the managers, the committee members, the many other workers, the members of the chorus and of the band, and all who participated in the presentation of the floats that the most thorough satisfaction has come for they did the work. They were the ones who actually did the job in which the whole town takes pride.

It is, of course, the show on the river that gives character and individuality to the whole undertaking and makes of the Bend celebration the unique event that it is. With this successful third pageant there is a felling in everybody’s mind that there will be a fourth next year and so on. All are agreed that it should be an annual event.

The judges of last night’s floats had an extremely difficult task. We cannot quarrel with their decisions but we wish there might have been more awards and some special recognition of the floats that were offered by the groups of foreign born who went to such great pains to show a bit of their homeland.

Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1935






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