Mirror Pond Waterfowl Need Feed, Declared By Observers

Dr. J. C.. Vandevert, picture here feeding hungry Mirror pond ducks, declared today that there is danger that the birds will migrate upstream unless feed is provided. The season ducks and geese will again open on Dec. 19, and birds outside the Bend refuge will be legal game.

The city should take immediate steps to provide feed for Mirror pond wildlife if a heavy migration of birds is to be prevented, Dr. J. C. Vandevert, former member of the state game commission, declared today. Unless feed is provided the birds will move upstream, where some natural food is available, and will suffer a heavy slaughter when the waterfowl season is again opened next week, Dr. Vanvedert said.

The ex-game commissioner said the birds are in need of feed, and are receiving some from  persons living near the Mirror pond. However, he believes this is not adequate to prevent a migration of birds to areas where the competition for feed is not so keen.

Arid conditions of the present fall left Drake park unusually dry and the birds are obtaining little green feed there, .Dr. Vandevert mentioned. Aquatic feed has largely slumped into mudbanks in the Mirror pond, he added.

Reports indicate that the upstream migration of ducks has already started. The “second season” on ducks and geese will open Dec. 19 and remain open to Jan. 7, both dates inclusive.

Source: Bend Bulletin ©1949






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