Option D: Dam Removal and Move Channel

Option D: The dam is removed as part of the project and channel has been modified while moving sediment in order to create lawn areas adjacent to parks and reduce the extent of wetlands adjacent to homes. The existing concrete and stone walls adjacent to public parks are replaced with a more natural edge. Sediment moves through the system in a more natural manner.

Option D

General Description: The dam is removed as part of the project and the channel has been modified to a new location. Adjusting the location of the channel accommodates creating lawn areas adjacent to parks and reduces the extent of wetlands adjacent to homes. Thirty years from now, the plantings are fully mature and sediment is moving through this section of the Deschutes River in a more natural river process.

  • Cost: Estimates at $6.4 million to move sediment on site creating new channel, riparian habitat and grassy uplands adjacent to Drake, Harmon, and Brooks parks.
    • Maintains open water in front of residences and maximizes the potential for the upland adjacent to public properties.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance activities focused on planting and habitat at new park land and wetland areas.
  • Permitting: Dam removal requires Federal, State, and City permit process that could be done in conjunction with other project permit requirements.
  • Habitat: Emergent plant’s at water’s edge–shrub/scrub plants higher up. Deep waters temporarily improve water quality favoring trout and cool water species.
  • Dam Removal: $4.2 million cost of dam removal is responsibility of dam owner.

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