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  • Mirror Pond and Downtown Redevelopment Concept

    OVERVIEW After several years of public engagement and technical exploration, the Mirror Pond Ad Hoc Committee is proposing a concept for the future of Mirror Pond for public input. The concept detailed in this summary satisfies stakeholders who wish to retain Mirror Pond and those who wish to see a more free-flowing river with enhanced […]

  • Mirror Pond levels to drop next week for dam inspection

    Bend, Ore. — PacifiCorp will lower the Mirror Pond water levels next week to facilitate another inspection of the dam. The inspection will be conducted by Gannett Fleming, an engineering firm from Phoenix, for the Bend Parks and Recreation District as part of deliberations around the potential acquisition of the dam from PacifiCorp to maintain […]

  • Mirror Pond Dam Repair Planned for April

    BEND, Ore. – PacifiCorp will reinforce a section of the company’s dam in downtown Bend to address a leak in one of the structure’s wooden panels that developed in October of 2013. The installation of steel sheet pile upstream of a leaking panel is planned to begin in April. The company stopped generating power at […]

  • Mirror Pond will be back

    Mirror Pond will make its return before the start of spring despite the leak in the dam that creates Bend’s iconic lake. Considering the current dry weather and taking in account the current water levels at the Wickiup Reservoir, the Oregon Water Resource Department is expecting Wickiup to be full around March 10-20. This could […]

  • Bend Hydroelectric Project Timber Crib Dam Spillway

    ENGINEERING INSPECTION REPORT Bend Hydroelectric Project Timber Crib Dam Spillway Inspection December 10, 2013 Authors: Roger Raeburn, P.E – Chief Dam Safety Engineer Nathan Higa, P.E. – Senior Engineer Introduction On October 1, 2013 a change to the leakage pattern in the timber crib dam spillway structure at the Bend Hydroelectric Project (Project) was reported […]

  • Pacific Power Looking to Divest Mirror Pond dam

    PacifiCorp has determined that it would not be cost-effective for its customers to make the investments needed to continue long-term operations at the company’s Bend hydroelectric generating project. The decision follows a thorough engineering inspection of the project dam after a leak in the dam developed in early October, the third such leak in approximately […]

  • KBND’s Your Town | The Daily Community program

    1110 KBND Your Town 10/17/13 Thursday | Mirror Pond | Duration: 32:30 Mel Oberst and the City of Bend and Victor Chudowsky, Bend City Councilor talk about the problems with Mirror Pond – See more at:

  • Dam Removal Training Videos from American Rivers

    American Rivers is one of the leading experts in managing and implementing stream barrier removal projects. Over the years, they have developed a series of workshops geared toward state and federal agencies, as well as environmental and watershed groups, to train them in dam removal processes and techniques. And, for the first time, American Rivers […]

  • Mirror Pond continues to slowly drain

    The pond was down about an inch overnight.

  • Residents Look Forward To See What’s Under Mirror Pond Source: