Mirror Pond.

  • Park district to survey dam

    Bend Paddle Trail Alliance pitches alternative plan By Hillary Borrud | The Bulletin The Bend Park & Recreation District plans to commission an independent engineering survey of Mirror Pond dam, executive director Don Horton said during a meeting of the Mirror Pond ad hoc committee on Friday. “Basically, what we’re looking at is an engineer’s […]

  • Another way to save Mirror Pond

    I attended the Mirror Pond Ad Hoc Committee meeting on Dec. 3. It was very informative and I learned a great deal about the complexity and estimated costs of saving Mirror Pond “within reason.” The water-rights issues, the cost of repairing a 100-year-old dam, PacifiCorp’s options and the options for moving forward to save Mirror […]

  • Bend Hydroelectric Project Timber Crib Dam Spillway

    ENGINEERING INSPECTION REPORT Bend Hydroelectric Project Timber Crib Dam Spillway Inspection December 10, 2013 Authors: Roger Raeburn, P.E – Chief Dam Safety Engineer Nathan Higa, P.E. – Senior Engineer Introduction On October 1, 2013 a change to the leakage pattern in the timber crib dam spillway structure at the Bend Hydroelectric Project (Project) was reported […]

  • Bend is too cool to dredge Mirror Pond

    As a citizen of Bend and a 2005 graduate of Oregon State University-Cascades Campus in natural resources, I feel it is necessary to say that Bend is too cool to dredge Mirror Pond. There are several reasons for this, though, none of us have to look too far to see that the city of Bend […]

  • Legislation to save Mirror Pond?

    By Lauren Dake / The Bulletin Being a former state senator, Bend-based attorney Neil Bryant understands lawmakers’ tendency to bristle at the thought of crafting a carve-out law aimed at narrowly helping an individual or entity. But when it comes to the century-old iconic Mirror Pond in Bend, he’s betting the Legislature would be receptive. […]

  • Preserve the Pond?

    After dancing around the issue for nearly two hours—and for years before Monday evening’s meeting inside the Bend Park & Recreation District office building—the Mirror Pond ad hoc committee casually called a vote: Should we keep Mirror Pond or not? Suddenly, at least a few of the roughly 50 community members in attendance sat up […]

  • Get more answers on Mirror Pond

    Dam. No dam. Those are the only two options for Bend’s Mirror Pond. But the community cannot make a decision about the best option without better information about costs and other uncertainties. The water rights issue is muddy. It’s not clear if once the dam is no longer used for power generation, the state would […]

  • Bend City Council votes to pursue Mirror Pond preservation

    By Hillary Borrud / The Bulletin The Bend City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to pursue the preservation of Mirror Pond. That means the city and the Bend Park & Recreation District both support the goal of keeping the pond. On Tuesday night, the park district board voted to adopt a nearly identical resolution. And […]

  • Keep Mirror Pond says Bend panel

    By Hillary Borrud / The Bulletin Public opinion might be split on the future of Mirror Pond, but the vote of committee members tasked with selecting a plan for the pond was unanimous on Monday: They want to keep the pond. The Mirror Pond ad hoc committee voted Monday afternoon to continue negotiating with PacifiCorp […]

  • Next steps for Mirror Pond

    If the leaders trying to find a solution to Mirror Pond had accomplished something more than secrecy and stagnation, two Bend businessmen might not have felt an obligation to step in. Bill Smith, the developer of the Old Mill District, and Todd Taylor, president and CEO of the construction company Taylor Northwest, have signed an […]